Peter Sandhill

Peter Sandhill

Peter Sandhill – Motivational Workshop Leader

On this website you will get to know Peter Sandhill. Peter Sandhill is one of the leading motivational speakers in the world today. Peter Sandhill has been committed to cultivating transformative leaders for over 20 years. He has worked with non-profits, executives, founders, groups and institutions in order to help businesses grow and achieve breakthrough success. He was born in Sydney, Australia and has expanded his career to Japan, Australia and the US where he now resides. He has worked as a personal development workshop leader, coach, counselor and educator.

Mr. Sandhill has been interested in and drawn to leadership, human motivation and diverse cultures. He is passionate about helping people succeed and be their best self. As a business owner and entrepreneur, he has developed over 500 development programs for leadership and personal development that focus on personal effectiveness & potency, trust & honesty, transformation, productive interpersonal relationships, and effective communication. He is focused on helping people and businesses navigate change and rejuvenate culture.

His overall mission is to inspire leaders to rise above the ordinary. Everyone could use a little motivation and guidance to reach their full potential. Mr. Sandhill has taken that role with his career in order to educate and inspire others. He wants to provide people and their communities with the idea that love, and connection can happen when embracing and celebrating diversity, truth, and full expression

Peter Sandhill:

  • Coach
  • Facilitator
  • Mediator
  • Mentor
  • Presenter
  • Teacher
  • Trainer
  • Speaker

With so many different skills under his belt, Sandhill has taken that knowledge and put it to work for others. Peter Sandhill believes everyone deserves to be happy and a positive attitude can go a long way. The messages of Peter Sandhill translate many different audiences. Whether you are looking to motivate your employees or simply want to take the next step in your personal journey, Sandhill can assist. Check back often for blog posts, which will provide motivational tips that you can start to take advantage of in your daily life!

A lot of professionals have untapped potential. No matter what field you make a living in, you can move up the ladder by unlocking that potential. Mr. Sandhill can help you unlock the best version of yourself at work. Take advantage of this free advice today!