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Peter Sandhill Discusses Methods to Build Environmental Wellness

As many Americans discovered during the COVID-19 pandemic, our surroundings severely impact our overall well-being. Our homes, workplaces, parks, and cities all play a profound role in our daily lives and should be seen as an extension of the self and, moreover, our responsibility. Environmental wellness encompasses this belief and promotes having respect for and awareness of our surrounding and playing an active role in our bettering our community. Peter Sandhill, a personal development counselor, is a major proponent of the seven dimensions of wellness and believes that although environmental wellness is incredibly impactful, is often overlooked by American society. For this reason, below, Peter Sandhill will provide an overview of environmental health and share ways individuals can start improving their personal and shared environments. 

Bring the Outdoors Inside 

One of the most effective and affordable ways to improve environmental wellness is to incorporate plants into your living space. Not only do indoor plants help to improve the look of a space, but they also have been shown to provide homeowners with a variety of health and mental benefits. A variety of studies have proven that indoor plants can increase productivity and concentration, reduce stress levels, and improve moods making them ideal additions to the home or workplace. 

Find Relaxing Spaces Outside the Home

Throughout the day, we can find ourselves overwhelmed by daily life and our surrounding. When we feel overwhelmed or stressed, we must find places to decompress and enjoy the world around us. While people often cite their home as the only place they feel comfortable decompressing, it may not be possible to return home to calm down or take a breath during the workday. Whether it be a park, courtyard, or café, it is important to find a location that has elements of nature, where you can center yourself and de-stress before returning to your day.

Care for the Environment Around You 

As discussed within this blog, the state of the planet and environment play an essential part in our daily lives. To work towards healthier living, we must acknowledge the connection between our environment and our well-being. When building greater environmental wellness, we must consider the ways we can have a positive impact on the environment. Whether it’s recycling, using reusable water bottles, or bicycling to work, having a positive impact on the environment does not only benefit the planet but our mental health.