Life Coach Peter Sandhill says Tantra can Provide New Perspective some Couples Require

All relationships will have hurdles to clear. There’s no couple who proves to be the completely compatible fit for each other. What’s more, mental and emotional strains put on these people by the ongoing health pandemic can exacerbate existing tensions. It is the opinion of Peter Sandhill, a personal effectiveness coach who largely works with couples, that a romantic resolution is possible. This includes tantra, which is “slow, non-orgasmic sexual intercourse,” according to Best Health magazine. Part of the coaching that Peter Sandhill provides to his clients is rooted in relationship problems; he views tantra as one way to start seeing eye-to-eye with your partner.

For the newcomers, Men’s Journal magazine traces tantra back to being an “ancient” tradition “that influenced both Hinduism and Buddhism.” In some cases, the setting is more important than the actual act of sexual intercourse. This is about bonding with your partner and establishing a deep connection is the first step. This can be accomplished through breathing rituals and eye-gazing techniques. Peter Sandhill suggests taking note of the variety of emotions that occur during these first steps, as they may prove enlightening to review at a later date. The next important step, according to Men’s Journal, is the Yab-Yum position. “The partners should embrace each other fully and try to synchronize their breaths,” the article states. “The closeness of this position helps people to physically and mentally appreciate their partnership to the fullest.” As previously mentioned, sex – in its commonly accepted definition – is optional here. The overall point of this exercise is to get in sync with your partner. The methodical steps that are part of tantra ensure that a slow and deliberate period of close contact is maintained. That might be enough to achieve whatever goals the couple had as part of the process.

“In our over-scheduled lives, we rarely stop and intently focus on our partner. Practicing tantric sex can enhance your relationship and your sexual pleasure in several ways,” according to Best Health magazine. In his professional role, Peter Sandhill tends to agree. A sense of connection can last long after the tantra session and this can improve aspects of the relationship far from the bedroom. That’s also one of the important goals here, as the stresses of 2020 are bound to linger for many more months, if not years. If you feel like your relationship has been pushed to the limit, Peter Sandhill suggests seeking out a life coach or other professional who can shed more light on tantra.

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